The Na 'vi won tickets for the FIFA world championship on Augus

  • Yevgeny "Yozhyk" Mostovik proves once again that his devotion is limitless.

    The contestant Natus Vincere "Yozhyk" Mostovik won the final team title, one of the contestants in the FIFA 18 tournament.

    In qualifying, Eugene took an active part in the league over the weekend, buy fut 18 coins,and got good grades: about sach twice the distance of more than 40 games without failure, our players won a total of 160 video games May 157 online games.

    In November, "yellow black" fighter jets were ranked sixth in the world and guaranteed their World Cup tickets.

    Eugene's next round of competitors will be 63 players who have done well in the weekly competition and are the top gamers in the top competitions.