FIFA 18 Patch 1 . 06 Available, Patch Notes Here

  • FIFA 18 game update 1 . 06 is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This patch was already released a few days ago for PC users. Check out the patch notes below.

    Addressed the following issues in Gameplay:

    Incorrect penalty calls where a defender legally wins a header but also collides with an attacking player.

    Goalkeepers staying on the ground too long, not attempting to gather the ball,buy fut 18 coins, when the ball was within reach after a save.

    Goalkeepers sometimes not going for the ball after a back pass.

    This issue would occur more often if using manual passing.

    Made the next changes in FIFA Ultimate Team:

    Added a limitation to the length of time a player can have the Xbox Home Menu open during a FUT Champions match.

    Opening the Xbox Home Menu during a FUT Champions match will trigger a countdown timer, along with a message that indicates that the player needs to play the game before the timer expires or the match will be forfeit.

    This timer will not be in effect when in the Pause Menu or during halftime.

    Added the limitation to the period of time a player can have the actual PlayStation® Dynamic Menus open during a FUT Champions match.

    Starting the PlayStation® Dynamic Menu during a FUT Champions match will certainly trigger a count-down timer, fifa ultimate Team 18 coins,along with a information that indicates that this player needs to perform the game before the termes conseillés expires or the match up will be forfeit.

    This particular timer will not be essentially when in the Stop Menu or throughout halftime.

    Addressed these issues in PAURA Ultimate team:

    Players getting a message that there are no attempts remaining in the current Daily Knockout Tournament when their final attempt is still active.

    The game freezing when quickly selecting an opponent in Squad Battles immediately after getting to the Opponent Selection screen.

    Corrected some of the text for the squad requirements within FUT Champions.

    A visual issue with an incorrect overall player rating showing in the Player Performance screen of the Temporarily stop Menu in certain situations.

    Made the following changes in Online Modes:

    Added additional matchmaking regions in Pro Clubs.

    Addressed the following issues in Online Modes:

    Players being unable to make quick subs if they had used all their available pauses.

    The trophy not being present in the particular Pro Clubs Championship celebration.

    Captains disconnecting from Pro Golf clubs matches when Voice Chat is disabled via game launcher (PC only).

    Addressed the following issues inside Career Mode:

    Gamers signed to pre-contracts, cheap fut 18 coins,in the first season, not coming to your team if the first summer transfer window was disabled in the course of Career Mode setup.

    Some player attributes were missing from the Squad HUB.

    Resolved the following issues throughout Tournaments Mode:

    The tournament tree in the Women’s International Cup being empty after the semifinals.

    Addressed the below issues in Audio / Visual / Presentation:

    Repetitive whistling that was heard in some stadiums.

    Some visual issues with the Bundesliga broadcast package.

    Updates to a number of crests and kits.