EA Sports did not respond to a question from Spain's FIFA 18

  • Since 18 almost FIFA launched on September 29, in Spain, FIFA's community, especially the FUT back mode, it is the only official EA Sports competitive options, through the network has been complaining about the actual mode of the game, especially for EA Sports FIFA 18 server problem in Spain.

    We have competition from the world's highest level of user complaints, buy fifa 18 coins,also most clubs professional video game suspension, until they repair the game setting, there are also uncomfortable, because from EA deny obvious obstacles, in short, from FIFA community uncomfortable, in a nutshell APP sports rarely it seems to let them worry, at least they have yet to make any statement.

    The main difference between the FUT champion and the other game modes of the Ultimate Team is the first one to use the EXPERT ADVISOR Sports server, and the rest use p2p, so one of the players online conference servers.

    FUT champion, is competition mode, one of the professional level measurement in the global scope, that is why, due to server problems in Spain, the main players of our country is not like the previous seasons. Due to matching online game with nearby gamers match, but more, you in the FUT champion one day in advance, plus the user who is in a reduction in the significant position, therefore , may touch to the competition the particular germans to participants in Spain, we leave the players in this country has the defects from the delay Or delay in action, and may break in the game.

    Since the foundation of Spain's Internet connection, a person promise, you will never have five waiting time, it is because we connect server from Spain in the United States, some Reddit users have been able to conclude that they are located in California, the United States, or the most likely choice, in Brazil, and in central Europe and the United Kingdom, the server is located in the Netherlands, so the distance and quality machine for it is better; Also, from our neighbor France, these Dutch servers are also used.

    The case of Krasimir Ivanor is very blatant, simply because he is one of the best people in the world in recent years and has always been one of the best contenders.

    Now let's look at most of the problems, typically the complaints and concrete evidence of Spain's best players.

    In case, the sea may alvarez (Thomas gravesen) or DjMaRiiO directly with TOOL sports cooperation in Spain, so they complain may be the foundation, because feedback can directly damage the company image, and with the cooperation.

    Here we can see several FIFA Spanish champions, Gravesen, buy fut 18 coins,complaining about server delays and how to stop him from participating in the regional championships. In fact , he confirmed that France FUT champion storage space is much better, because one day FUT championship held in neighboring countries, this individual also thinks this is the first time he became one of the country's 100 best player.

    Now we want to cooperate with Davidsp1490, this also is in Spain and one of the best players in the world, they also in the FUT TIMORE 17th championship last season with 80 victories, this year 18 have delay and delay problems within FIFA.