I admire Jose Mourinho

  • Cantona also expressed dissatisfaction with Mourinho's coaching style at Manchester United, said Cantona: "Mourinho can succeed at Manchester United, but I tend to www.lolga.com a more creative Manchester United, which is my favorite Manchester United reasons.


    I admire Jose Mourinho, but I hope he can make Manchester United play a more offensive, that is the original Manchester United .This is like Barcelona, ??if Barcelona began to put the bus, then it will not It is understood that Manchester United's offensive tradition has a long history, and currently Manchester United's play makes me a bit difficult to understand, but this is Mourinho, he can rely on these win.


    Cantona is also praised Pogba: "Pogba is very creative, when he was injured, Manchester United have trouble. Pogba's importance to Manchester United as Real Madrid are the same, they all Is the brain of the team and any one of those injuries is fatal to the team. "