2017 NFL Thanksgiving Day came to an end

  • After the game, the Redskins finally ushered in a long absence. Although the Redskins win less than 50%, but because of their intensity in the second half of the season will be more relaxed, the rest of the Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Lightning Team, Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos and the New York Giants all Are soft persimmon. Although unlikely to Buy Madden 18 Coins catch up with the local boss of the Philadelphia Eagles, but if they can win all the rest of the game, or only lose one game, there is still a great opportunity to fight a wild card in the League . The playoffs from the current only 2 wins and 9 losses of the Giants can be described as out of reach, and now only need to consider next season and how to rebuild the team.

    2017 NFL Thanksgiving Day came to an end. The Minnesota Vikings beat Detroit Lions, a regular participant of the Thanksgiving, 30-23 on the road, while another Cowboys, sure to debut at the Thanksgiving, also failed to escape the losing nightmare, 6-28 defeat Los Angeles Lightning, the only home win game to bring happiness to the home team fans is the Washington Redskins, who rely on Cousins ??in the second half of the excellent performance to beat the New York Giants 20 to 10 in the same district.