You can make FIFA 18 better game

  • FIFA on the 18th from the release only a few months away from the opening only one month. The publisher and developer EA will display the title on EA PLAY by E3 weeks ago. Over the past few years, the franchise has become obsolete, last year, the company turned to Frostbyte, and added some new elements for FIFA to create a new life.

    EA also has something that needs to be changed and improved. Below we will list the 10 things we want to see in FIFA 18 Buy FIFA 18 Coins; change, improve and add, you can make FIFA 18 better game. Then the FIFA game's referee has a referee's historic issue. They are too inconsistent, often call, causing the controller to be broken. This year, we want EA to pay attention to the referee. They need to be more consistent, the call is fair, in line with the foul attitude.