The perfect quality of the game

  • "Forza Motorsport 5" was developed by Turn 10 studios and released by Microsoft, which is the most highly valued racing game in the Xbox One starting lineup for Microsoft's next-generation consoles. The game makes reference to a large number of complex physics engines and aerodynamics, so as to make players feel the real driving experience. Now the TGS teaser, known as "FilmSpeed," is no doubt that we will once again praise the perfect quality of the game, the best of which is the real car FM7 Credits. In addition, there are several behind-the-scenes production images for everyone to enjoy!


    Microsoft points out that the phantom box, invented by William Horner in 1834, is a simple device that converts a static image into a moving image. Small images are placed at the bottom of the open barrel in an equal distance. When rotating, static images produce a dynamic illusion. The faster the bucket turns, the more smoothly animated images become. Although today's film director can follow one's inclinationsly use more advanced technology in accordance with the requirements, but the basic concept of the phantom box remains the same: to use the more pictures, the faster the transform images, animation playback speed more smoothly.