The true shooting ratio of Kobe Bryant

  • Kobe Bryant has 19 games in his career, while James has 20 and two are very close in number. First look at Kobe Bryant, 19 games, the field averaged 22.3 points 5.7 rebounds 3.4 assists 3 times turnovers, the shooting hit 44%, the true shooting ratio 51.9%. In contrast, Kobe Bryant's professional playoff Cheap NBA Live Coins field averaged 25.6 points 5.1 rebounds 4.7 assists 2.9 turnovers, shot hit 44.8%. 


    The Chicago media recently reported that Wade had not yet discussed the buyout with the Bulls, and it is not clear when it will happen. Only Wade knows where he really wants to go, but according to Barry Jackson, the explosive news source was also the first to have a problem with the heat and wade negotiations, so his message was somewhat of a reference.