2012-2013 Spirit of Innovation Challenge Semi-Finalists Announc

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    2012-2013 Spirit of Innovation Challenge Semi-Finalists Announced

    More than 100 innovative teams one step closer to the finals


    HOUSTON (Nov. 28, 2012) — Jennifer Fotherby, Spirit of Innovation Challenge executive director, announced today the 2012-2013 Spirit of Innovation Challenge semi-finalist teams. This year, 130 innovative teams are advancing to the next stage of the competition with the ultimate goal of earning a $10,000 next-step grant and the distinction of becoming a Pete Conrad Scholar.


    Selected from a pool of more than 235 entries from around the world, the semi-finalist teams are required to complete extensive business and technical plans as well as graphic representations of their products and services. During this phase of the Conrad Challenge, teams can utilize a network of virtual mentors who are world-renowned scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs. 


    A complete listing of the selected finalist teams is available at http://bit.ly/TrjdW1. This year’s teams include:

    • 8 International teams
    • 21 U.S. states
    • 7 Countries
    • 2 teams from multiple U.S. states


    “These teams exceeded our expectations in their innovation and creativity when applying STEM principles to their product and service concepts,” Fotherby said. “The quality of these diverse products reaffirms our belief that young people working together can bring about significant and vital change for our global community.”


    Some of this year’s innovations include: a mobile app using real-time satellite imaging that could save lives during natural disasters; new on-track technology to capture energy produced by trains; a software program that assists aerial fire-fighting vehicles; and an electric device that uses cold plasma to modify biomedical material.


    For more information about the Spirit of Innovation Challenge, visit www.conradawards.org.




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