5 members led by Ethan Epstein
Our team seeks to solve the problem of computer related musculoskeletal pain and injury through use of our Invention the "Posture Pad". This affordable, ergonomic device improves the users posture by giving live feedback about posture status.

5 members led by Taylor Hobbs
Success Academy consists of 4 High School students hailing from St. George, Utah. Our product, FenestraWindows, is a window treatment that allows windows to change their tint, color, and even project images. FenestraWindows also are covered in transparent...  more

4 members led by MaryAnn Bulawa
A group of girls who are extremely interested and excited about science, math, and technology. Our primary interest is to contribute to future space exploration in any way we can.

6 members led by Vivek Calambur
A team of 2 motivated students looking to make a change for the better with TADD. ...  more

5 members led by Parth Thakker
A group of students from the NC School of Science and Mathematics using chemistry, technology, and informatics to revolutionize personal air-quality detection!

6 members led by Federico Conde Valdez
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8 members led by Mckenzie Simkins
The team plans to develop the Eco-Cooker, a clean, self-sustaining methane production system. The system will decompose bio-waste in order to produce biogas for use as a combustible gas. This gas will allow for safe and effective cooking in developing nations.

7 members led by Dany Kofman
We research and develop defense, aerospace, and aviation technologies. Our current focus is impact distribution.

4 members led by Nikhil Sathe
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4 members led by Matthew Pacheco

4 members led by Eli Patt
Plus Prosthetics has developed a new device that can increase the ease with which an amputee with a prosthetic hand or arm can interact with the world. In doing so, their device will increase satisfaction users have with their prosthetic arms as it delive...  more

4 members led by Ashley Liu
Improving the lives of the parent stuck daily at the crosswalk, waiting for what seems like the entire school population to cross the road.

4 members led by Mario Chris
Mario Chris (team leader), John Reidy, and Jeff Witz are high school seniors who have created an adaptive leading edge droop mechanism for implementation on private aircraft to increase fuel efficiency and flight safety.

4 members led by Rishab Chander
We, Team RADIANS, are a 3-man group from Shanghai. We are all active members of our community who are looking to make a larger contribution to the world, something beyond just schoolwork, something challenging, some thing that can take us into what the fu...  more

7 members led by Laura Keepax
A system that sorts and distributes pills made easy and worry free in order to help remind people taking their medicine.

9 members led by Ada Anderson
Our product is a low-cost, off-grid, modular home packaged in a recycled shipping container. It can be shipped anywhere in the world and assembled quickly with minimal equipment. Our goal is to use these homes as an sustainable alternative to temporary sh...  more

6 members led by Jiadong Ye
We are 4 students from iBump and we are creating a brand new model of converting the kinetic energy of motor traffic (cars, buses) into sustainable electricity to power our street lights and homes. We are fusing in solar satellite technology as well to en...  more

5 members led by Joshua Rusheen

6 members led by Jonathan Moore
A group of top students from Randolph Macon Academy in Front Royal, Virginia competing to promote green energy and improve public transportation.