4 members led by Bala Chander
Smart Bins for Planes

6 members led by Varun Vallabhaneni
We are a group of friends who became interested in finding a solution for essential tremors. Our product was inspired by a high school friend who suffers from hand tremors. We developed a specialized glove that adds resistance in the hand and wrist. Our p...  more

3 members led by Adithya Ganesh
Bionic Technologies is a team of two inventors who want to make the world a better place. Our innovative prosthetic solution, IntentSense (, is Simple, Multipurpose, Affordable, Restorative, and Trainable (SMART). IntentSense is a bionic g...  more

7 members led by Jenny Wang
Protecting your Privacy

2 members led by Margaret Pan
Margaret and Christopher are both currently seniors attending the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics where they engage in independent chemistry research. Their project AquaCapsule aims to provide a platform for efficient waste water reclamat...  more

3 members led by Emily Tang
We're the Tubetastic Trio and our goal is to prevent biofilm formation in food grade tubing.Thanks for visiting our profile! :)

3 members led by Christopher Yuan
Developing products for energy efficient water collection

5 members led by Matthew Sun
All members of Team TXT U L8R have personal stories of how someone we know was affected by distracted driving. Our goal is to design a device to detect a distracted driver and refocus that person. By reinterpreting 3D modeling data from a Microsoft Kinect...  more

5 members led by Svetak Sundhar
Our product is a smartphone application that helps grocery shoppers with certain medical conditions make informed rational decisions about the products they are buying.

3 members led by Katherine Wang
A team of NCSSM students trying to reduce the passage of diseases on airplanes

3 members led by Amine Boubezari
Our product allows trees and other plants to grow in harsh, vegetation-deprived areas such as deserts. In addition to helping out individual people in search of sustenance agriculture, our product has applications in the Green Wall project in Africa curre...  more

6 members led by Jennifer Wu
We are dedicated reducing food waste and making sure everyone is provided with the freshest food possible!

10 members led by Vinoth Krishan
Our team working on to make history in Medical Science through Innovation.

4 members led by Prakash Kumar
Many blind people rely on the assistance of guide dogs, canes, home aides or home alterations to maneuver around their homes. There are many drawbacks to each of these such as cost, and prevention of head-level injuries, and ease of use. Blind Sensor Navi...  more

4 members led by Heather Lukas
We aspire to manage blood-glucose levels in a convenient and healthy way through the implementation of OmniSENSE, our novel solution to the inconvenience and inefficiency of current glucose monitors. OmniSENSE will function as an implantable subcutaneous ...  more


4 members led by Abigail Radford
A team of entrepreneurs from the Eastern seaboard, we're passionate for all things STEM. We plan to merge the everyday pedestrian with renewable energy.

6 members led by Sidd Chandra
International Protective and Assistive Technologies is a group of 5 high school students who aim to improve living standards around the world.

2 members led by WenTao Zhang
Hailing from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the members of Team WaSOR strive to solve the numerous remediation issues that arise from oil spills by integrating their knowledge of chemistry, biology, and environmental science.

4 members led by Matias Horst
Working to advance space exploration by facilitating innovation