About Our Coaches

The Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge is a dynamic way for teachers, parents and afterschool coordinators to provide context and depth to their curriculum by integrating education, innovation, and entrepreneurship with 21st century skills. As adult participants in the Conrad Challenge, coaches receive access to peer mentors and worldwide experts who can provide unique perspectives of the industries they serve.


Why Coach a Team?

  • Help your students excel in comprehending STEM principles
  • Engage students by combining STEM principles with entrepreneurship and 21st century skills to enhance classroom curriculum
  • Create an interdisciplinary environment for learning through innovation, creativity and design
  • Provide a real-world context to curriculum
  • Incorporate 21st century skills including leadership, collaboration, creativity, team building, problem solving, patience and persistence into the classroom
  • Participate in an online community dedicated to STEM, entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Have FUN teaching and learning with your students

A Coach’s Responsibility

  • Register team and help students create or join the team
  • Facilitate and encourage your students to discuss their ideas with mentors in the online community
  • Ensure students have completed all submission requirements
  • Serve as the supervisor for the team by approving competition submissions, managing team travel arrangements and handling any financial awards received by the team
  • Complete the official forms required for the competition if selected as a finalist or beyond
  • Serve as chaperone for your team at the Innovation Summit

Time Commitment

Time commitments are flexible to your schedule and the complexity of your team’s project. We recommend the following guidelines when planning your schedule:

  • Initial Entry:  minimum 1 hour/week to guide your team through the Investor Pitch and Video submission
  • Semi-Finals: 2-4 hours/week to support the team in prototype development and submitting a Draft Development Plan (business plan, technical plan and graphic representation)
  • Finals: minimum of 1 hour/week to support the team prepare for Innovation Summit presentations (finalize Draft Development Plan, finalize marketing pitch presentation, finalize prototype, prepare for technical Q & A, etc.). Serve as team chaperone at Innovation Summit.

Get Started

To register as a coach visit the Conrad Challenge Online Community. If you would like more information about being a coach, email [email protected]