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How to Enter



General Entry:

Step One: Register to create a personal profile at and invite your friends and teachers to join the community. Take advantage of tools and resources to inspire the development of innovative ideas.

Step Two: Create a team and Get Your Genius On! Now is the time to develop your ideas for a product or solution in your selected category or enter in more than one category.

Teams can be made up of students between 13-18 years old from different schools, states and even countries. Create a global team through our new members’ forum.

Step Three: Submit your one-page abstract through the submission portal, opening August 22nd, by Oct. 24, 2013. You will asked to confirm information about your team and answer the four questions below:

1. Please provide a short description of your product. (100 words)
2. What problem does it solve? (200 words)
3. How is it innovative? (200 words)
4. What are the key features, and how is it beneficial? (200 words)

Accepted proposals will be named Semi-finalists and invited to submit a full proposal.
View Competition Tools here

Round 2: Semi-Finalist
Semi-finalist teams take their concepts to the next level by completing three documents (technical concept report, business plan and graphic visualization) and uploading a video. Experts will review all submissions and select five finalists in each category to advance to the Innovation Summit for the final competition. For details on the Semi-finalist Round go here.

Round 3: Finalist
Finalist teams present their innovations to a panel of expert judges. The Innovation Summit draws entrepreneurs, government officials and scientists who collaborate with student teams. It is a one-of-a-kind environment where seasoned professionals engage with the best young entrepreneurs, and together, design the future. For details on the Finalist Round go here.