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The Conrad Challenge is for all students ages 13- 18 from around the globe who want to Get Their Genius On.





"There are a lot of competitions out there that say 'You can do it!', but the great thing about the Conrad Awards is that it tells students not only 'You can do it!' but 'here's how...'"

Madison Jones, Team Infinity
2011-2012 Conrad Challenge  

The next opportunity to achieve greatness is now open! 
The Conrad Foundation believes high school students have the potential to create the next world-changing, commercially-viable product or service. The Spirit of Innovation Challenge invites students ages 13 – 18 from around the globe to Get Their Genius On and conceptualize a solution in the areas of:

    • Aviation and Aeronautics
    • Cybersecurity and Technology
    • Energy and Environment
    • Health and Nutrition

Prove you have what it takes to change the world in the Spirit of Innovation Challenge!

Why Take the Challenge?
Because we believe you have the ability to make the world a better place. Each year we challenge you to address global sustainability by creating an innovative product or service using science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Just as entrepreneurs must succinctly pitch their ideas, you will enter by working with a team to submit a proposal by answering only four questions about your project. Plus, you will also have access to mentors, webinar, videos, articles and resources to help you innovate and excel as an entrepreneur. Students who advance through the challenge receive the opportunity to submit a full business and technical plan as well as graphical representation of their project. You don’t need to create a prototype, but you are welcome to do so if you want the extra challenge!

What’s the Incentive?
Finalist teams receive a travel grant to present at the 2014 Innovation Summit at NASA Johnson Space Center and Space Center Houston for a chance to win a $10,000 seed grant to develop their product or service. 

Now what?
Step One: Register a personal profile and invite your friends and teachers to join the community. Take advantage of tools and resources to inspire the development of innovative ideas.

Step Two: Create a team and Get Your Genius On! Now is the time to develop your ideas for a product or solution in your selected category or enter in more than one category. Participate in Webinars, review videos and articles for inspiration and connect with students and mentors through the forum.

Step Three: Submit your one-page abstract online by Oct. 24. Accepted proposals will be invited to submit a full proposal as detailed on the website.

Don’t worry - we’re there for you along the way! The Conrad Challenge provides free access to mentors, webinars and forums to answer all participant questions. Plus, the community is a great place to talk about the sciences, get your geek on and make new friends.

Learn more about how to get started.