2013 Fireside Chat with Anthony Vareha

Posted by Ask Conrad on June 11, 2013 - Filed in Spirit of Innovation Challenge
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During the Conrad Foundation's 2013 Innovation Summit, Anthony Vareha, ISS Flight Controller for NASA shared personal stories during this fireside chat. Certified as SPARTAN (Station Power ARticulation and Thermal Analysis), PHALCON (Power Heating Articulation Lighting CONtrol), and THOR (THermal Operations and Resources). ISS Flight controllers are responsible for the operation of the International Space Station, and flight controllers from partner nations around the world watch over the ISS 24 hours a day, every day. SPARTAN, PHALCON, and THOR are the names of the positions responsible for power generation, power distribution, and thermal control on the US Orbital Segmnet of the ISS. When the lights go out or cooling stops, these positions are responsible for restoring services and making sure that the crew and systems are kept safe.