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Posted by Heather Lukas on March 31, 2014 - Filed in Health & Nutrition
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We aspire to manage blood-glucose levels in a convenient and healthy way through the implementation of OmniSENSE, our novel solution to the inconvenience and inefficiency of current glucose monitors. OmniSENSE will function as an implantable subcutaneous glucose sensor that wirelessly communicates with a mobile application on a smartphone device. The nano-scale biosensor will be placed in the tissue beneath the skin on the patient’s finger and will transmit data via radio signals to a small receiver that can be plugged into a smartphone. The smartphone application will provide real-time glucose data tracking, charts, and graphs to display trends in blood glucose levels, make healthy food recommendations based on current data, and supply immediate notifications to healthcare providers in emergencies or during sudden shifts in blood sugar levels. Overall, OmniSENSE represents a step forward in intelligent glucose monitoring systems in addition to being an appealing consumer option due to its low cost, self-maintenance, and the decreased frequency of painful testing.