Posted by Jonathan Wilson
The Eco-Cooker provides the end users with a safe, easy, and clean method of producing renewable energy. The Eco-Cooker combines features of existing technologies as well as innovative ideas in order to create a more efficient methane harvesting system. Bio-wastes such as manure, are extracted using a hand-powered bilge pump. This bio-waste is then inserted into the digester via the entrance piping. A hand crank is used to give the end user mechanical advantage in order to rotate the tank one or two revolutions per day, which agitates the anaerobic bacteria. These bacteria digest the bio-waste and produce methane gas, which travels through the piping and into the storage chamber, where water vapor condenses and is collected. A two-way pump compresses the gas through a filter that purifies methane gas for a new and innovative way to store methane gas in a portable natural gas tank. The team feels that the Eco-Cooker is an innovative approach to a proven technology that can have major impacts and benefits to people all over the world.
Posted March 18, 2013
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