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Posted by Stephen Williams
The TrackerHacker team is developing a web-based service called GamerTamer that promptly identifies risky video gaming habits in children. Based on research from addiction specialists in the psychiatric community, GamerTamer helps parents navigate the complex data on children’s gaming usage, identify concerning trends, and intervene appropriately. The service clearly summarizes complex data into simple messages, including visually simple graphic trends, and provides clear and concise recommendations to prevent gaming addiction. The unique, real time notification that GamerTamer provides enables parents to track computer use trends, gaming use, and modify behavior prior to the development of excessive and addictive computer gaming. With GamerTamer, our team strives to combat the growing societal and individual burdens associated with excessive computer gaming.
Posted January 17, 2014 - Filed in Cybertechnology & Security - #GamerTamer  #TrackerHacker 
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